Yet Another NFO Viewer

I sometimes needed to properly view ASCII art files (with DOS encoding) but not via TextEdit. Eventually, I found a tool/viewer created by a Mac programmer (back in 2007) but it seemed that it needed a “facelift” for those higher resolution screens that we currently use.

So this “Yet Another NFO Viewer” project was originally planned to be a continuation/update on the “NFO Viewer” project by Kris Gybels and his open-source code repository over at

As this original project looked like it was compiled on an older Xcode and Mac OS X setup (probably 10.4), I had troubles getting it to compile on my current setup so I decided to completely re-write it from scratch on Mac OS X 10.6 using Xcode 3.2 so that I would be able to also produce a 64-bit binary.

Therefore, due to my current Mac environment, this tool is intended for Intel-based Macs only, running on the Mac OS X 10.6 operating system. I apologize to folks that are still using PowerPC computers — my knowledge on Xcode 3 started only recently, with an Intel-based iMac.

The included (and necessary) resource ProFontWindows is an original bitmap font created by Tobias Jung and then kindly converted to Windows TrueType format by Mike Smith. This font was also used in “NFO Viewer” by Kris Gybels, which is the most convenient free font for ASCII art found and available, so far.

For bugs, ommissions and/or suggestions you are more than welcome to contact me but I must warn you in advance that development of this tool will most probably be slow as my free time is consumed with my family đŸ˜‰

Requirements: Intel-based Mac computer, running 10.6.x. or later.


This tool is now submitted on and has a permanent page. For updates and/or comments, please visit the application page. Version 1.0.2 is already out, with improved application icons and auto-resizing of the ASCII document window.